Women’s Work Family Conflict – Some Remarks on the Situation of Female Employees in China (Part 2)

Professional women’s Work-Family Conflict in China

Generally speaking, most of professional female are well educated, they have high ability, psychological quality and achievement motivation, and high stable income with high professional level. They pursue career development and self-value realization. As professional women, they play a dual role in society and the family. On the one hand, in order to strive for equal status with men and realize self value, they have to face intensified competition in society. On the other hand, influenced by Chinese traditional culture, professional women still need to shoulder heavy housework as well as the task of bears and education of children. Therefore, they face more contradictions and conflicts. Several researches show that women experience more work-family conflict than men. Moreover, due to Chinese tradition culture and special social context, Chinese professional female are experiencing particular work-family conflict, which is different with western professional female. read more

Women’s Work Family Conflict – Some Remarks on the Situation of Female Employees in China ( Part 1)

Nowadays, work-family conflict (WFC) is a common phenomenon of modern life in many countries and cultural contexts, and it is becoming a global hot topic. WFC (Work Family Conflict) is the term often used to characterize the conflict between the work and family domains, it is a result of the interaction between stress in the family and work domains. Different cultural context influence the mechanism of WFC differently, so there is a need to explore the variations in work/family issues in particular culture, and what the key drivers of these variations are. As the most populous nation and the second largest economy, China has attracted not only scholars but also international organizations to research on Chinese WFC. Factually, most studies have concentrated on the male labor force, while since New China has established on 1949, dramatic changes are occurring in the positions of women relative to employment, childbearing, sexual discrimination, and numerous other issues related to female liberation. Thus, it is imperative to pay attention to women’s WFC in China, such as its manifestation, its causes and its differences (compared with Germany women). read more

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Arbeitsmarktperspektiven für Jungakademiker: immer öfter nur befristet!

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Eine Befristungsabrede ist vor allem für den Arbeitgeber vorteilhaft: Das Arbeits­ver­hältnis endet zum vereinbarten Termin, ohne dass er noch eine Kündigung aus­sprechen müsste, die womöglich zu einem kostenintensiven Kündigungsprozess mit ungewissem Ausgang führt. Der Arbeitnehmer ist hingegen nicht nur ohne jeden Bestandsschutz, er weiß auch nicht, ob der Arbeitgeber bei Fristablauf zu einer Verlängerung des Arbeitsverhältnisses bereit ist. Könnte der Arbeitgeber fortlaufend befristete Arbeitsverträge abschließen und am Ende der Frist jeweils frei über die Fortsetzung des Arbeitsverhältnisses entscheiden, würde dies den Kündi­gungs­schutz des Arbeitnehmers vollständig leer laufen lassen. Dieser Zusammen­hang hat die Rechtsprechung schon frühzeitig bewogen, die Befristung von Arbeits­ver­hältnissen einzuschränken und an einen Sachgrund zu binden. An diese Konzeption hat auch das 2001 in Kraft getretene Teilzeit- und Befristungsgesetz (TzBfG) angeknüpft, allerdings gewisse Ausnahmen zugelassen. read more