Women’s Work Family Conflict – Some Remarks on the Situation of Female Employees in China (Part 2)

Professional women’s Work-Family Conflict in China

Generally speaking, most of professional female are well educated, they have high ability, psychological quality and achievement motivation, and high stable income with high professional level. They pursue career development and self-value realization. As professional women, they play a dual role in society and the family. On the one hand, in order to strive for equal status with men and realize self value, they have to face intensified competition in society. On the other hand, influenced by Chinese traditional culture, professional women still need to shoulder heavy housework as well as the task of bears and education of children. Therefore, they face more contradictions and conflicts. Several researches show that women experience more work-family conflict than men. Moreover, due to Chinese tradition culture and special social context, Chinese professional female are experiencing particular work-family conflict, which is different with western professional female. read more